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What are Chakras?

“Chakra is an old Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ and is generally used to reference specific energy centers along the body’s meridian. Generally there are seven chakra points, although some systems include one or two extra points.” (

7 Chakra's


Chakra 1: Base (or Root)

Open: Feel safe, secure and welcome.

Under-Active: Nervous or fearful.

Over-Active: Resist change and are materialistic.

Chakra 2: Sacral

Open: Feelings flow freely.

Under-Active: Unemotional.

Over-Active: Emotional all the time.


Chakra 3: Solar

Open: Feel in control and assertive.
Under-Active: Passive and Indecisive.
Over-Active: Aggressive.

Chakra 4: Heart

Open: Compassionate and friendly.

Under-Active: Cold and distant.

Over-Active: Smothering.

Chakra 5: Throat

Open: Able to express yourself.

Under-Active: Introverted and shy.

Over-Active: Talkative.

Chakra 6: Brow

Open: Have good intuition.

Under-Active: Rely on other people’s decisions.

Over-Active: Live in Fantasy Land.

Chakra 7: Crown

Open: Feeling connected to the world around you.

Under-Active: Self-denial.

Over-Active: Craving sympathy.

To Learn About Your Personal Chakra Levels…

This Chakra Test will help you determine if your Chakra levels are ‘open’, ‘under-active’, or ‘over-active.

Make Sinus Pressure Melt Away

Back in March, 2013, The Huffington Post reported that the 2013 allergy season could be the worst yet due to climate changes.  Allergens effect 55% of the U.S. population according to, so what is a person to do to keep a clean bill of health?  The answer varies from holistic approaches, home remedies, over-the-counter medications or prescribed medication.  Which method do you prefer?  Here’s our favorites:

At-Home Sinus Remedies

  • Use a humidifier or vaporizer: Keeping your nasal cavities moist will allow them to drain.  If you dry out the membranes, they become more irritated!
  • Drink lots of fluids: Not only is this a good idea for the health of your skin and organs, but fluids thin the mucus and may help prevent your sinuses from blocking up.
  • Massage your sinus pressure points by rubbing your cheeks and forehead.  (There’s a great video on this that we have posted below)

Healing Stone Sinus Remedies

  • Cold Stone Therapy: Cold stones are placed on the sinus trigger points, which alleviates swelling and disperses the congestion.
  • Hot Stone Therapy: By combining the use of a heated towel, eucalyptus aromatherapy and hot stones, your massage therapist will be able to soothe and relax muscles and relieve sinus congestion.

How to Give a Face Massage to Relieve Sinus Congestion

How Crystals Can Help Heal Your Companion

It may sound like a New Age fad, but stone and crystal healing has been part of Eastern science, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, for more than 5,000 years. Practitioners believe that by wearing a particular stone or enjoying a stone massage, our bodies (and those of our animals) can enjoy specific healing benefits.

How does Crystal Healing Work?

You’re probably wondering how a stone or crystal can possibly have any healing properties. The body’s cells transmit electrical signals that travel along nerves, carrying information to and from the brain and other organs. These signals tell the brain what the eyes see, what the ears hear and what the body feels. The brain returns these signals to their origin to dictate every move and response the body makes. Since the body is full of these electrical impulses, it’s easy to see how stress and chemical imbalances can alter our energy field.

Stones and crystals, meanwhile, may look inert, but like everything else, their atoms vibrate at specific frequencies. That’s why they are often used as components in advanced technologies: quartz, for example, is used in sophisticated electronic and medical equipment. These frequencies can also have a healing effect on the body, and help bring our own systems back into balance.

A Holistic Foundation

The holistic approach to health care begins with a lifestyle, one that takes emotional as well as physical well being into consideration. When this foundation is set, an animal can thrive because his natural healing capacity will be strong enough to ward off many health problems. If illness or injury is present, he will be able to respond more readily to natural remedies, including stone massage or wearing a healing stone or crystal.

Overall, animals respond quickly to the natural balancing and transformative properties of stones and crystals.

You need to consider many variables when interpreting how a particular stone might benefit your companion; his general state of health, temperament, and environment can all have an influence on how effective the stone will be. Stones of a specific mineralogy will not have the exact same effects on every individual. The following table features a few helpful stones and their most common benefits.


Description: Crystallizes in masses, grains, nodules, and rarely, hexagonal prismatic crystals. Colors range from dark blue, gray, and green, to yellow, white and light red.

Emotional: Helps eliminate confusion. Facilitates companionship and mutual dependence, encouraging self esteem, self trust and trust in others. Can be used to enhance emotional balance.

Physical: Has been used in the treatment of gland metabolism and digestive disorders, and as a purifying agent for the body. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

 Red jasper

Description: A form of opaque, usually patterned chalcedony; occurs in massive formations. Dark red or orange; sometimes contains stripes or banding.

Emotional: Known as the “supreme nurturer”. Acts as a reminder that one isn’t here on the physical plane just for oneself, but also to bring joy and sustenance to others. Protects against negativity and helps one stay grounded to the stabilizing energies of the earth.  Balances the yin-yang energy, and the physical and emotional bodies.

Physical: Can be used in the treatment of tissue deterioration in internal organs, and for disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and stomach – the energy is more appropriate for the deterioration, rather than the actual state of malfunction. Can be used to treat a loss of the sense of smell. Has been reported to soothe the nerves and aid in seizures.


Description: Crystallizes in the form of white nodules, compact masses, and tabular crystals.

Emotional: Calms communication, facilitates awareness, and encourages emotional expression. Assists in eliminating hesitation and promoting action. May be used to eliminate pain, stress, and rage. Discourages impertinent behavior and encourages balance.

Physical: Can be useful for balancing calcium levels in the body, and in the treatment of disorders of the teeth, bone structure, and soft tissues.

Green jadeite

Description: Jade occurs in the form of jadeite. Transval jade or nephrite jadeite crystallizes in grain masses and rare long prismatic crystals. Colors include translucent emerald green, pale to deep mauve, lavender, white, red, orange, yellow, black, blue green, and white with delicate green veining.

Emotional: Fidelity and devotion to purpose.

Physical: Can be used in treatment for disorders of the heart, hips, kidneys, and spleen and also general health maintenance.

Yellow jadeite

Description: Crystallizes in the form of grain masses and rare long prismatic crystals. Colors range from translucent emerald greens, pale to deep mauve, lavender, white, red, orange, yellow, black, blue, green, and white with delicate green veining.

Emotional: Facilitates cohesiveness in the actualization of purpose; protects and brings  favorable fortune and harmony; provides stabilization via grounding to the universe.

Physical: Can act as a bonding agent and assists both cellular and skeletal structures. May also help reduce pain in the sides, hips and legs. Can also be used in the treatment of reproductive disorders.

Your animal’s life energy needs to be vibrant and strong in order for him to stay well. Using stones to gently massage your animal, or in the form of a healing charm that he can wear on his collar, can help enhance a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

N.B. The information in this article is not meant as a substitute for veterinary advice, nor as a prescription for any health issues. If your animal has an illness or injury, consult a trained holistic veterinarian.

Much More Than Just Massage

Massage such a simple word yet has such deep meaning. Its always been love story for me from the time I was 8 year old and observed a massage therapist treating our neighbor after he had have a stroke and become paralyzed. And witnessing his slow but ultimate recovery and from that moment on my love story with massage began. After 4 decades I’m still as in enthusiastic and humble by the beautiful healing journey that I have had the opportunity to experience. This was a gift long ago as well as a challenge that drove me to action because of my firm beliefs in my healing power of human touch and human connection. More than ever our world needs us to all the men and women body workers who have dedicated themselves to this beautiful transformation journey. I say thank you and blessing to you!

By: Sonia Alexandra

Healing Journey

I just recently returned from an amazing trip back to my roots in Hungary and Germany meeting cousins and uncles that I have longed to meet a lifetime. The stories they shared with me reconfirmed my holistic journey. The love resilience and sheer will to survive human repression during War torn years. Gave me the answers to my own resilience and will never to give up. I’m truly blessed to be at this new cross road in my life and vow more than ever to continue my chosen path of healing energy work.

By: Sonia Alexandra

Healing Stones

I just completed a treatment on a client, she loved the warmth of the stones, she had never experienced the profound emotional release that resulted. what a blessing.

By: Sonia Alexandra

Latest in Massage Education

Stone Massage can be a solid foundation for your professional identity.

Continuing CE education is an invaluable tool, as are the stones in enhancing every type of massage that you offer in your present practice. I can not emphasize this enough.

Whether you use the healing stones as a tool, or to prepare the client’s skin prior to zone therapy any deeper body work, as well as a specialized stone massage treatment the client will benefit greatly, and your hands will say thank you.

By: Sonia Alexandra

New Course to Increase Your Profits

Sole First

For all practitioners, the economy has affected everyone’s bottom line and  a great way to increase sales is by offering mini services.

The Zone Foot Therapy treatment can do that for you, not only will it increase sales, but also benefits for the client. This way they can maintain their normal service habits, and delight in a new treatment. The Zone treatment is a combination of Zone Therapy, warm stones and herbal balls,performed primarily on the lower leg and feet.  An ancient secret with a modern twist.

We have received nothing but great reviews on the treatment.

Until next time,


By: Sonia Alexandra

Practitioners News

Healing the world one stone at a time

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to share with you that a lot of exciting things have been happening and that I am anxious to share with you.

The economy has had a major effect on everyone, and I will soon be releasing a free guide on my website that will help all body workers, holistic practitioners, and anyone else in the healing arts.

A thought for today is “We manifest what we think”.

By: Sonia Alexandra