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From Desperation To Healing

June 9, 2011 What's New  One comment

From Desperation to Healing

Sharing my story at Toast Masters in Boca Raton, FL

I wanted to share with you the story of my humble beginnings and my passion for the path I have chosen.

Massage Therapy has been the most rewarding journey, and I hope my story can inspire others to achieve their dreams. Nothing is impossible and never give up, when we give selflessly we receive so much more in return, I feel truly blessed.

By: Sonia Alexandra

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Healing the Heart Takes Courage

March 6, 2011 What's New  No comments



Over the years, one thing I have learned from those I have assisted in their healing – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – it takes time to heal old emotional wounds.  No matter what we achieve in life, if we are haunted by feelings of abandonment, rejection, or other traumas that we experienced early in life, we continue to question our abilities to be our authentic selves, personally and professionally.  And, if we don’t heal these personal wounds first, it is difficult to help others heal.

Many of the workshops I have facilitated, I have been amazed on how profoundly and how necessary it is to be aware of these early experiences and their affect upon ourselves. As I spoke about and touched upon the healing of one’s heart, most of those present

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